What Is IP69K? A Beginner's Guide

With an IP69K rating, a piece of equipment can endure intensive cleaning involving high-pressure and high-temperature water jets. It proves especially beneficial for industries with sanitation as a top priority, including food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

A technician in a food processing factory jet washing IP69K equipment

IP69K equipment can withstand thorough daily washing, enabling manufacturing facilities to meet stringent sanitation standards.

What Is IP69K?

Armagard IP69K waterproof screen chassis to protect a screen in areas where equipment is washed

Numerous Armagard products, including enclosures for digital KPI boards in washdown areas, undergo IP69K testing.

IP69K is the highest rating on the international ingress protection (IP) scale. This scale rates products based on how well they can resist the entry of solids and liquids.

The rating of a product goes from 0 to 6 for keeping out dust and from 0 to 9 for keeping out water. If there's a 'K' after the second digit, it means the product is protected against high-pressure jets. This helps companies choose equipment with the right level of protection for their surroundings.

IP69K certification ensures a product's complete resistance to dust and ability to withstand rigorous washing with water jets at pressures ranging from 80 to 100 bar/1,160 to 1,450 PSI, at flow rates of 14 to 16 litres per minute, and temperatures up to 80°C.

In simpler terms, it means that a piece of industrial equipment can handle powerful water jets at high temperatures without any problems — which is quite impressive!

KPI display enclosures and other IP69K products are perfect for facilities requiring intensive washing procedures to adhere to stringent sanitation standards.

These include:

  • Processing of food and beverages
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Manufacturing of chemicals
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Waste treatment facilities

What is involved in the the IP69K test?

What is IP69K : Diagram of the IP69K water-ingress test

The IP69K test gives users confidence that a product is water resistant from all angles.

For a piece of equipment to obtain the IP69K rating, it must undergo a thorough water intrusion test.

The product is positioned on a turntable, rotating at a rate of five times per minute. It undergoes spraying at pressures of 80 to 100 bar/1,160 to 1,450 PSI, with a flow rate of 14 to 16 l/min, and temperatures reaching up to 176°F/80°C. To ensure thorough testing, the nozzle is positioned within a range of four to six inches from the product, and the spray is directed from four distinct angles (0°, 30°, 60°, and 90°) for a duration of 30 seconds each.

If the product can completely resist water from getting inside under these conditions, it will receive the IP69K rating.

What Are The Benefits Of IP69K Equipment?

IP69K equipment in use on a food production line

Popular in food processing, IP69K products withstand rigorous and time-efficient equipment washing enhancing uptime hygiene levels.

With the IP69K test, users can confidently rely on their equipment to endure rigorous daily cleaning. This assurance brings multiple benefits, including:

1. IP69K Helps Manufacturers Meet Hygiene Standards

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that approximately 48 million people in the US, or one in six, get sick from foodborne illnesses every year. To address this issue, the Food Safety Modernization Act has established strict regulations to prevent contamination throughout the entire supply chain.

IP69K-rated equipment aids food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in meeting increasingly stringent standards. Effortless cleaning is achieved through high-pressure jets that effectively eliminate debris. Additionally, the elevated temperature further ensures thorough disinfection, providing an extra layer of reassurance.

Numerous washdown products, like IP69K monitor enclosures, are constructed using food-grade (316) stainless steel. This corrosion-resistant and antibacterial material offers manufacturers an added level of confidence in the hygiene of their factory.

IP69K equipment is gaining popularity in the food and beverage processing industry due to the peace of mind it offers beyond mere regulatory compliance. The potential consequences of contamination traced back to a facility can significantly impact a manufacturer's reputation and profits.

Manufacturers want to avoid the nightmare of product recalls and production interruptions, which is why IP69K equipment is highly sought after.

2. IP69K Products Can Reduce Production Downtime

With exceptional reliability in challenging conditions, IP69K products give a higher level of confidence of uninterrupted 24/7 production operations.

IP69K enclosures offer manufacturers the flexibility to utilize their preferred equipment. For instance, an IP69K waterproof screen chassis accommodates any VESA-compatible screen of the specified size. Users can conveniently access the screen for removal, repair, or replacement without the need for a specialized engineer. This results in expedited repairs and optimal uptime.

3. IP69K Products Can Increase Efficiency

The IP69K certification enables manufacturers to install electrical products in demanding environments, allowing precise positioning of equipment where operators require it most. This enhancement in workflow efficiency not only saves valuable time but also optimises operations.

For instance, computer enclosures made of stainless steel enable workers to utilize PCs directly on the shop floor, resulting in time savings. Similarly, IP69K display enclosures permit factories to install KPI screens in washdown areas, enhancing communication on the factory floor and providing workers with real-time metrics to achieve their goals.

Introducing Armagard IP69K Screen Enclosures

An Armagard IP69K Enclosure with front open

IP69K-rated TV enclosures enable secure installation of KPI screens in hygienic washdown zones.

The IP69K rating is commonly used for stainless-steel enclosures designed for LCD/LED screens. These enclosures have many features that make them perfect for areas where equipment is washed down:

  • Complete water resistance: Hygiene-rated seals, stainless-steel cable glands, and IP69K locks ensure a fully watertight unit, extending the screen's lifespan.
  • Climate control capabilities: Internal fans and heaters maintain efficient and reliable screen operation within a temperature range of -30°C to 35°C.
  • Versatile mounting options: Choose from ceiling or wall mounting with flat or tilted wall brackets, allowing for optimal screen placement above production lines.
  • VESA compatibility: Install your preferred VESA-mountable screen from any manufacturer, providing flexibility and choice.
  • Shatterproof window: In the unlikely event of a breakage, the polycarbonate window remains intact, preventing contamination by shattered glass.
  • Long-lasting durability: With an expected lifespan of 10 years, the TV enclosure safeguards multiple screens, ensuring a cost-effective investment.

Manufacturers can deploy washdown TV enclosures in demanding environments, facilitating the installation of KPI screens. This enhances operators' workflow, while the IP69K rating aids factories in meeting stringent sanitation standards.

What Is IP69K? Conclusion

With the IP69K rating, manufacturers gain the assurance to install electrical equipment in areas demanding intensive washing. Businesses enjoy increased hygiene levels, heightened productivity, and minimized downtime.

For these reasons, IP69K has emerged as the industry benchmark for safeguarding equipment in food processing, pharmaceutical applications, and other sectors, owing to its unparalleled protection.

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