My Armagard Work Experience Diary – Benjamin O’Donoghue

What’s it like working for Armagard? In his own words, Benjamin O’Donoghue of CTC Kingshurst Academy in Birmingham gives his account of day-to-day life at Armagard. This is his work experience diary...

Meet Benjamin O’ Donoghue, a student of CTC Kingshurst Academy in Birmingham. Ben recently enjoyed a five-day work experience placement with Armagard.

Armagard Ben O'Donoghue

Ben O'Donoghue.

When asked what he was hoping to get from his time at Armagard, Ben expressed an interest in design, saying he was keen to learn how the company’s products are designed and assembled. Here’s what he had to say about his time with the company...

Armagard diary – First day

“On the first day, I got given an introduction to the company and how they operate. I then spent much of the morning shadowing one of the web designers.

I found this department very interesting and saw how they are testing out a new website called Export Worldwide, which is a site where companies can promote their products and services to international audiences. They make it more appealing to companies by offering translations of product and service descriptions in up to 20 different languages.

While working with the Web team, I was able to learn how Google Analytics works, how websites are created and I was able to get involved in helping to create a web page.

During the first day, I was also introduced to the Sales team, CAD designers, the Marketing team and the production department.”

Day 2

“On my second day, I spent time with the marketing and sales team and I found out how challenging it can be finding competitors, as well as potential useful resellers online for the different products that Armagard produce and sell.

I discovered that a lot of other companies sell similar items such as computer enclosures and digital signage products. Armagard sell their products across other countries, not just the UK, in places like Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and many more."

Day 3

“My third day consisted of me learning CAD and how the products are designed before they are made. One of the staff in the design department gave me a task for the day to design a trolley on SolidWorks and to create a drawing for it. This was challenging for me because I was fairly new to CAD, however, I did catch onto it quite quickly.

Towards the end of the day, I had a shorter task, which was to find out how much the product cost to produce. So, I priced each component and added it altogether and it came to around £300, but it was helpful and interesting to know how Armagard designs their products before manufacturing them.”

Day 4

“On my fourth day, I was back with the web design staff and they taught me how to change the description of products on the website and they gave me the opportunity to actually do it myself.

I was then tasked with writing an article about my work experience here at Armagard. I was given a template of someone else’s article from last year to give me ideas of how to lay it out and what I should write about.

I was also shown the different websites that Armagard are involved with and it was really fascinating to see how well the company is doing with their products.”

Day 5

“My fifth and final day was spent in the production department. This is where they assemble the enclosures for the company. I was given the opportunity to assemble the parts to some enclosures and to wire them up to test if they will work or not, I was also able to help package them into boxes ready for them to be given to the customer.

I learnt a few useful tips like how to fix a plug or how to wire one up and I will be able to use these techniques to share with other people.”

What did Ben Make of His Time with Armagard?

Overall, my time working for Armagard was really interesting and helpful. They taught me how everything works in the company, how they programme their websites and track how well they are doing, plus how many other companies that they have partnered with.

I would personally recommend this place to go for work experience to anyone who has an interest in business, ICT or even design work.

Armagard says

“It was thoroughly enjoyable having Ben with us, he was a pleasure to work with and very eager to learn and get involved. He showed real enthusiasm for the tasks he was set and he appeared to really enjoy the design and assembly aspects of the business.

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