Testimonials - working with Armagard

Mike Thomas - Marketing

I joined Armagard Ltd in October 2010, just after finishing University with a 2:1 degree in marketing, and remained with the team until April 2015.

As a graduate within Armagard, the responsibilities I faced were often varied and dynamic. From the offset, I had duties that enabled me to work within several different areas of marketing; immediately putting my University theory to good use.

Better yet, while many of my friend's positions were limited in scope within larger companies, my role encouraged forward thinking, allowed me to work with seasoned professionals, and presented regular opportunities for me to expand my skillset beyond the conventional standards of a graduate.

As a result, I oversaw many new projects for the company, creating campaigns from initial concepts, and owning them through to delivery. Such projects took me across America for exhibitions, let me develop e-mail campaigns for Europe, and put my creativity into a broad range of marketing collateral. Challenging yes - but it rewarded me with exceptional 'hands-on' career experience.

However, the benefits of such responsibilities, allowed me to pitch myself as extremely competent when searching for a new role. I had a wealth of experience to draw upon, with a fantastic range of marketing skills, and a solid knowledge of how businesses operate.

In the end, working for an award-winning company like Armagard, gave me the career tools to take the next step in my profession.