Why an Armagard Enclosure?

Why indeed, after all, isn’t a computer enclosure just a metal box? Well that is what many of our competitors believe and mass produce clumsy steel cases and sell them as industrial computer enclosures.

However, here at Armagard we pride ourselves on our engineering prowess, after all with over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing industrial enclosures for electrical equipment.

We know that a computer enclosure is not just a metal box. All out computer, printer and TFT enclosures are built to the highest engineering standards ensuring they are perfectly sealed and the prospective enclosed PC has adequate ventilation and cooling.

All our industrial computer enclosures are built to both European and International guidelines and ratings and some are even safe to use in the most hazardous of areas including explosive atmospheres.
Whether it is an IP65 stainless steel waterproof computer enclosure for a food processing plant or an IP54/Nema 4 dustproof housing for a printer situated in a packing area, Armagard has the correct product, engineered to the highest quality.

At Armagard we don’t believe in hard selling or cold calling, we find our customers know exactly what they want and come to us when they need it, here are some of our satisfied customers that keep coming back to the world’s leading industrial computer enclosure manufacturer- Armagard.

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