Security Issues with Digital Signage

One are that is often not thought about in the planning of a digital signage campaign is the security of the system, but digital screens are vulnerable to all sorts of problems that can be costly if not defended against.

Despite the continued falling cost of displays and digital signage equipment, installing a screen network still involves quite a substantial investment, and failing to protect the screens and hardware can lead to costly replacements and repair.

Protecting the Hardware

The biggest investment involved in a digital signage project is the cost of the hardware. LCD screens and media players are expensive, and vulnerable to damage from vandalism and in some cases theft.

An act of vandalism that breaks the screen, or knocks the display out of service, even temporarily will lead to a dead screen. Dead screens not only mean that the digital signage system will not be working and generating revenue, but if there has to be replacements and repair—this will increase any investment and make getting a return harder.

Furthermore, dead screens look unsightly and are a bad advertisement not just for your own displays but for the digital signage industry as a whole. A broken screen can also lead to injury of passersby, which can lead to the display owner being legally liable.

An LCD enclosure is one of the most comprehensive forms of physical protection. Made from steel with shatterproof screens, an LCD enclosure will protect not only the screen but any media player connected to it too.

Protecting the Content

Another area of security that is essential, especially for users of non-networked digital posters, or single display that use media players, is ensuring people can’t get access and upload their own content.

Most digital posters have some form of locking mechanism over the USB connection to prevent access by unauthorised persons, but if a screen has no such protection, then again, an LCD enclosure may be the answer as being lockable; any prospective content vandal will not be able to gain access.

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