Rugged Computer Options

Using a computer outside of an office environment can cause all sorts of issues. Offices are quite sterile areas and idea for computing. Taking a computer out of this environment can cause untold problems.

Dust is one of the main aggravating factors for computers, it has a habit of  blocking filters, over insulating the machine and even penetrating the circuits and drives; clogging them and causing short circuits. In fact some experts suggest that dust is responsible for 80 per cent of all computer failures and even in office conditions can exist in sufficient quantities to drastically shorten a computer’s life.

Impacts are another computer killer. While most computer enclosures will withstand the odd accidental kick anything firmer and the shock could disable a system. In some environments such as industrial areas, hazards such as forklift trucks and other machinery can potentially destroy a computer with a quick swipe.

Another hazard for computers is water. Outdoor areas, industrial plants, food productions zones; are all areas where water is found. The average computer can short circuit even with the tiniest of splashes while the hose-down environments of a food processing plant make computer use extremely difficult.

When using a PC outside of an office environment it is important to protect the machine fro the hazards mentioned above. The easiest and most cost effective way to do that is to place the machine in an industrial computer enclosure.

These computer cabinets will defend against dust and dirt as well as protecting against water (including jets of water) whilst also protecting the machine from any impacts. Industrial computer enclosures are usually graded according to how much protection they offer against dust or water. An IP 54 computer enclosure is ideal for dusty areas whilst an IP 65 is better suited for areas where there is water.

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