Protecting LCD Monitors in Outdoor and Industrial Environment

The LCD monitor is changing the way we use computers, TV screens and other technology. Unlike the bulky cathode ray tube televisions many of us grew up with, LCD TVs are flatter, lighter and cheaper to produce.

It is these reasons that we are now seeing LCD screens in areas not normally associated with televisions. From outdoor digital signage to information screens in factories; flat-screen devices are being installed in almost any location.

Of course, if you take a standard (or even commercial grade) screen outside or place it in a dusty factory – it probably won’t last very long.

LCD Monitor Enclosures

Protecting these devices is hostile locations is straightforward thanks the LCD monitor enclosure. These devices can protect almost any sized flat screen device (either LCD or plasma) in almost any location.

LCD monitor enclosures are ideal for hostile areas as they protect the LCD from:
• Rainfall and weather
• Dust and other airborne debris
• Excessive temperatures – either sub zero or baking heat
• Impacts – either accidental or deliberate

LCD enclosures and monitor enclosures are found in various locations for various applications:


Whilst outdoor digital signage is the most common use of an outdoor LCD screen there are other reasons why these screens are taken outside. Information is a key area as LCD TVs are really useful for providing important news and info and are often used to display timetable information on railway platforms or providing churches and schools with an interactive notice board. The number of LCD installed in an outdoor location increases year on year.

Even in highly hostile areas such as ski resorts where temperatures plummet below zero you will find LCD screens housed in monitor enclosures as the inside of the enclosure is often kept at optimum conditions by cooling fans and heater systems – and other climatic controls.


Factories and industrial locations are also using LCD devices to display important information. LCD monitor enclosures are used in these locations too protecting eh screens from the harmful elements of the factory floor.

Other Locations

Prison, schools, hospitals and other public buildings also use LCD devices and enclosures. Often the LCD enclosure is used as physical protection but as they contain climatic controls an LCD enclosure will often extend the life of a standard LCD enclosure.

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