Protecting Digital Signage – Protecting your Investment

Digital signage is often touted as ‘the next big thing.’ More and more companies are turning to the use of LCD and plasma screens to promote, inform, entertain or advertise their products. Despite the falling cost of modern flat screen TV’s such as LCD, a digital signage campaign can still be a sizeable investment, especially if you have multiple TV screens.

Protecting LCD TVs and ensuring its continual functionality is highly important if the digital signage campaign is to give any return on investment and is to continue to operate for the life of the TV.

While many installers of digital signage acknowledge the protection of LCD TVs in outdoor locations many fail to consider additional protection of the digital signage assuming if it is indoors it is protected enough.

However, most LCD TVs are designed for operation in home entertainment environments and while many installations of digital signage are not what you would call hostile areas, such as shopping malls and retail areas, they are still not as conducive to the operation of a standard commercial LCD TV.

For instance many digital signage campaigns are often left to operate unattended in unmanned areas and it is therefore imperative that they are protected from the unwanted attention of vandals and thieves.

Also whilst many areas that digital signage is implemented in are not strictly speaking hostile areas such as outdoor or industrial applications, but they are still not as ideal areas for TV screens. Greater quantities of dust and other airborne particles will exist and with the amount of pedestrian traffic that commutes through such places the potential for accidental damage is a lot greater.

LCD enclosures are ideal for protecting LCD TVs, whilst many applications for LCD enclosures are outdoors or in industrial areas, these protective LCD cabinets will also help extend the life of the LCD screen in optimal conditions preventing the risk of accidental damage or the ingress of airborne particles.

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