Press Release: 46” – New Size of LCD Enclosure adds to our Range

A new 46 ” LCD enclosure has been launched to meet customer demand for protecting this increasingly common sized in outdoor and harsh environments.

Built to the same Armagard high standards, the new 46” LCD enclosure is manufactured from mild steel and is waterproof to IP65, temperature controlled and able to withstand impacts and vandalism.

The 46” LCD enclosure can house almost any make or model of 46” display and comes with VESA mounts for easy installation of a media player or PC.

Ideal for any outdoor TV application the new 46” LCD enclosure is added to our exhaustive range of LCD enclosures that span from 24” – 70” in size.

All of Armagard’s LCD enclosure range protects from light or heavy rainfall, dust and small particles, electrical surges and spikes, physical impacts and vandalism, temperature extremes and theft.

Armagard, supply to the UK, USA, Australia and throughout mainland Europe (with multi lingual support), can ship this new 46” LCD enclosure anywhere; it is available to order from any of their European, UK or USA websites.

With over 15 years of industry experience and a 5 year warranty on all mechanical parts, we are leading providers of LCD enclosures and protective cabinets for displays, computers, touch screens and printers.

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