PC Enclosures – Suitable for any Environment

The working environment for the computer has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Thanks to the exponential rate computers advance and the increasing reliance on networked technology computers are now sited in almost any location.

From factory floors, wet rooms, on ships and even outdoor locations are now areas where computers are being used. Whether its controlling processes or maintaining stock levels the benefits of computer use in industry is obvious; computers are faster, more efficient and can help reduce waste when they are implemented n factory processes.

Industrial computers
have been a mainstay of industry for many years but they do come with their disadvantages. To begin with industrial computers can be quite expensive but the purchase price is only the tip of the iceberg. The main problem with industrial PCs is that while their designs are incredibly robust and their technology solid state and reliable if they do go down and they are critical to your operations then the downtime could be crippling as a service engineer has to be called to repair the unit.

Another problem with industrial computers is the technology they implement. As these devices are solid state they are built using reliable but often outdated technology, leaving the industrial computer many generations behind its desktop alternatives. However, desktop computers offer little of no protection against the harmful elements of the industrial sector such as dust, dirt and liquids.

Fortunately PC enclosures and industrial computer enclosures allow standard computers to be used in industrial environments protecting the enclosed PC from all the harmful elements.   PC enclosures not only allow the latest technology to be implemented on your factory floor but also if there are any problems with the computer this can be fixed by your normal IT staff or the PC can simply be replaced without waiting for the service engineer and accumulating downtime.

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