Outdoor Digital Signage – The Glitz and Glamour of Vegas on any High street

Digital signage is a new medium. LCD screens, plasmas and other flat screen displays have only been used out of home for the last decade or so. But outdoor advertisers have always implemented technology and moving imagery and there are many famous locations where the advertisements have become famous: Piccadilly Circus in London, Times Square New York and the Strip in Las Vegas have all traditionally used colourful and bright outdoor advertisements.

However, over recent years the light bulb arrays and neon signs have been slowly replaced with LCD, plasma and LED alternatives.

These digital signage displays are more flexible, offer better colours, images and resolution than the traditional electronic signs. However, none of the glitz and glamour of these locations has been altered by the change to outdoor digital signage.

Furthermore, as the cost of outdoor digital signage is falling and more and more advertisers realise its potential, these modern and dynamic methods of digital advertising are emerging all over the country adding a touch of Vegas glamour to the dourest town, city or village.

Why go Digital

But aesthetics are not the only reason that more people are turning to digital signage as a means of advertising and brand awareness. Compared to traditional methods – print, TV or radio advertising – digital signage can reach just as large an audience but for a fraction of the costs.

There are challenges of course, ensuring these screens are protected from the rainfall and other outdoor elements, but this is easily countered by the outdoor LCD enclosure that houses the screen.

From advertising, raising brand awareness, promotional offers or just putting out information there are few better, cheaper and better looking alternatives that outdoor digital signage.

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