Outdoor Digital Signage – Not Just for Big Players

There are some huge outdoor digital signage screens out there. Anybody commuting into London will have seen the M4 Torch that provides digital content to tens of thousands of motorists a day, while the London “i” on London’s Cromwell Road, receives viewing figures almost as high.

Outdoor LCD enclosure--wall mountable

Many other cities too are following suit with large-scale digital signage projects aimed at reaching a wider audience as possible, while companies like JC Decaux and Clear Channel are replacing many of their six-sheet advertising hoardings along high streets with modern digital versions.

Outdoor digital signage is certainly becoming more widespread, and while outdoor screens have a long way to go to catch up with their indoor rivals, more and more static hoardings are going digital.

But it is not just these big screens and multinational companies that are taking advantage of outdoor digital signage, increasingly, smaller businesses are seeing the advantages of outdoor screens too.

And it’s not expensive as many people think to use an outdoor screen for branding, promotion, information or advertising.

While bespoke outdoor digital signage are expensive, for simple single screen applications outdoor TV enclosures provide an inexpensive solution. Able to house standard TV models, either LCD or plasma, these weatherproof LCD enclosures provide all the outdoor protection necessary.

With wall mountable systems and totem floor-standing enclosures, outdoor LCD enclosures provide a simple and cost-effective method of displaying outdoor content.


outdoor LCD enclosure--floor mountable totem

LCD enclosuresare not just weatherproof but provide all the protection needed for using a modern LCD of plasma screen in an outdoor location. With internal temperature control that ensures the screen is at the optimum conditions—no matter what the ambient temperature is doing—and vandal and impact protection, outdoor LCD enclosures are ideal for almost any outdoor application, providing a robust, secure and protective environment for screens of almost any make and model.

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