Outdoor Digital Signage Costs

Outdoor digital signage is more expensive to implement than using indoor displays. Not only is the installation more costly, with the networking and powering of the screen complicated by the outdoor location, but also outdoor screens are more expensive as they are waterproof and are designed to cope with the variable temperature extremes that screens face throughout the year.

Furthermore, the ongoing costs of outdoor digital signage are much higher too. Repair and maintenance is often more frequently needed, while even the most durable and rugged outdoor screen will eventually need replacing. All this makes achieving a return on investment far more challenging for outdoor digital signage implementation.

Reducing the repair, maintenance and replacement costs can go a long way to making outdoor digital signage far more affordable and the best method of doing this is to us an outdoor digital signage enclosure to provide the outdoor protection, rather than use a specific outdoor screen. The reasons for this becomes clear when it’s time to replace the screen, as outdoor LCDs and plasmas and many times more expensive than standard high brightness screens. When the screen eventually does fail or need replacing – and all LCDs no matter how costly have a limited life – the cost of replacing a standard commercial display is far lower.

Furthermore, inside an outdoor digital signage enclosure, environmental systems ensure the screen is continuously functioning at the optimum condition, no matter what the weather is like, or what the ambient temperature is doing. This lengthens the life of the screen, further improving the return on investment.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures last for years and can hose generation after generation of display, helping to get the maximum return on the initial investment on both the enclosure and the installation.

The costs of outdoor digital signage do not have to be prohibitive. No matter how large or small a business, the right outdoor digital signage enclosure can mean anybody can afford to display advertising, information, massaging or promotional material on an outdoor screen, and by using the right outdoor digital signage enclosure the return on investment can be easily attained.

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