Outdoor Communication with Digital Signage

Communication in outdoor locations can prove a challenge for many businesses and institutions. Colleges and universities, for instance, have campuses spread over large areas, but an effective form of outdoor communication is essential—especially in times of emergency. While many businesses, such as distribution hubs, find the need to communicate to lorry drivers, staff and visitors, and in large areas this can prove a challenge.

LCD enclosure protect outdoor communication screens

Traditional forms of outdoor communication have many disadvantages. Public address systems, for instance are not always easy to hear, especially in noisy locations, and messages need continuous repeating to ensure keeping people arriving at different times informed. While outdoor noticeboards are no good for posting immediate information, such as emergency warnings, which is why outdoor digital signage is now being utilised by many businesses.

Outdoor digital signage provides an effective, immediate and noticeable form of communication, ideal for many different applications, and it has many advantages over other forms of messaging.

Outdoor digital signage content can be uploaded instantly, and when connected to a network, screens over large areas can instantly display the same messages, ensuring immediate and widespread dissemination of information.

Screens can vary in size and be positioned in prominent locations ensuring maximum visibility to ensure a high-impact, visual form of messaging.

While using outdoor screens as a communication tool requires some form of protection, to ensure weather elements, variable temperature and impacts don’t disable the screen, LCD enclosures can achieve this at relatively low cost.

Manufactured for all the major screen sizes, LCD enclosures can house standard LCD screens, reducing the cost of outdoor digital signage by doing away with the need for expensive outdoor screens. The comprehensive protection they offer ensure the screen will continue to function, regardless of the location and make an ideal outdoor communication platform.

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