Looking for an Outdoor TV Reasons to Consider an LCD Enclosure

The outdoor TVs market is a burgeoning one. What was once a singularly exclusive and highly expensive products manufactured by only a couple of companies.

However, with the growth of outdoor digital signage and the increase in outdoor TV viewing (partly brought about by nationwide smoking bans) more and more outdoor LCD TVs are emerging onto the market.

But they are still expensive devices with many costing in excess of $10,000 – but is there an alternative?

Requirements for Outdoor TV Viewing

Obviously any TV used in an outdoor location needs to be protected from the elements. Rain is an obvious problem with outdoor TV systems but there are also other hazards in using an LCD or other flat screen device outside:

• Dust
• Heat
• Cold
• Accidental/deliberate impacts

Outdoor TVs can counter some of the elements such as water and dust (often they are built to IP65 to guard against ingress), however, they can’t cope with everything.

The LCD Enclosure

LCD enclosures are a cost effective method of using LCD screens in outdoor locations either for TV viewing of for outdoor digital signage. They are steel housings that are weatherproof protected and contain cooling and heating systems to ensure the optimum operating temperature.

As LCD enclosures are manufactured from steel they provide unequalled protection for the display. Often the screen is protected by a shatterproof covering making the entire LCD enclosure impenetrable – deterring against vandals and thieves.


Not only is an LCD enclosure so much less expensive than an outdoor TV, even when you take into account a commercial screen to house inside it, but they provide an holistic approach to outdoor LCD protection; defending against:

  • Impacts
  • Temperature
  • Weather elements
  • Dust


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