LCD Enclosures – Not Just Outdoor

LCD enclosures provide comprehensive protection for TV screens–waterproofing, temperature control and physical protection. This level of protection makes LCD Enclosures ideal for outdoor digital signage, but this is not the only use for them.

Since the rise of the LCD and plasma flat screen, TVs have found their way into a whole host of other applications, not just digital signage, but as many of the locations for these applications are not suitable for indoor technology, they require protecting.

Industrial Displays

Industrial locations find screens an effective method of communicating with workers. Often these noise levels in these locations make other forms of communication difficult so using screens provides a clear way of passing on information.

Industrial locations are full of dust, dirt and other airborne compounds. Screens operating in these sorts of locations require as much protection as outdoor digital signage displays. Dust affects a screen in many ways, including causing short circuits and overheating, but LCD enclosure’s IP rated housing (NEMA 4) provides as much protection against these elements as it does the weather.

Distribution Areas

Not only are some food distribution areas dusty, requiring protection for screens, in facilities that store food these areas are chilled, essentially being large fridges. Because of the low temperatures in chilled distribution hubs, LCD screens require heated or insulated protection.

LCD enclosures provide climatic systems that ensure the enclosed TV always operates within optimum temperature ranges.

Physically Demanding Locations

Some locations require physical protection for screens. For instance, TVs housed in institutions such as prisons may become vulnerable to physical impact, so the screens require some form of impact protection. Because of their solid steel housing and shatterproof screens, LCD enclosures provide ideal protection from impact forces. LCD enclosures have even been fitted in ape houses in zoos to allow the primates access to visual stimulus and the screen protection from the apes.



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