LCD Enclosures – Extreme Protection for Outdoor Screens

TV screens are used for far more applications than just home entertainment these days. Not only are LCD screens commonly used with computer systems, they have also been taken out of the home and implemented into the world of advertising and information.

Digital signage and information screens are now found almost everywhere. Shopping malls, high streets, concourses, airports and railway stations all implement screens for either advertising or information reasons.

And it is not just indoors either, TV screens are now common place with outdoor digital signage being a fast growing industry, however, placing a screen outside is fraught with challenges:


Rain, snow, wind and hail are all elements that can disable a TV screen. Unfortunately they are also common elements in the outside world.


Extreme temperatures are also damaging to a screen or display device. Excessive heat and sunlight will cause a screen to overheat whilst sub zero temperatures can cause condensation to freeze – damaging the device.


Outdoor screens are vulnerable to impacts too, whether accidental of deliberate attacks, a screen has to be protected from them.

The LCD Enclosure

Thankfully outdoor protection for a TV screen is relatively straightforward thanks to the LCD enclosure. These waterproof and weatherproof enclosures for standard TV devices are ideal for outdoor digital signage. Not only does an LCD enclosure protect from rainfall and other weather elements they keep a constant temperature inside the enclosure ensuring extreme temperatures do not cripple the device.

LCD enclosures are also commonly manufactured from steel providing a barrier against accidental and deliberate impacts and they are also often equipped with other anti-vandal measures such as toughened glass.

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