LCD Enclosure – A Simple but Robust Solution for Outdoor Screens

An outdoor screen offers many advantages for businesses, homeowners and institutions. LCD screens provide an effective, engaging and efficient way of providing entertainment, communication and information in an outdoor environment, but do require protection to sure operability in varying weathers and environments.

LCD enclosure

Designed for indoor use, most LCD screens can’t operate in outdoor environments not just because of the varying weather elements such as rain, which are capable of disabling the screen, but other outdoor elements too.

Temperature is a problem for most LCD screens as they are designed to operate at room temperature. With seasonal changes, many outdoor temperatures can vary wildly, far in excess of a screen’s operating range.

Threat of impact and vandalism is another aspect of protection that requires thinking about before installing an outdoor screen, especially for screens left in unsupervised and public locations. A damaged screen doesn’t only cost in replacement and repair but can become a hazard in public areas so preventing tampering and risk of injury minimises risk of liability.


Floor standing LCD enclosure

LCD enclosuresprovide a method of installing a screen outdoors in almost any location. Used by businesses for outdoor digital signage, leisure industries and householders for outdoor TVs, and information screens in train stations and bus depots, LCD enclosures provide comprehensive protection.

Manufactured from steel, LCD enclosures are tough and robust, able to withstand heavy impacts, tampering and attempts at vandalism. Sealed to international IP and NEMA guidelines, LCD enclosure provide comprehensive weather protection too, keeping rain, snow, sleet and wind-blown dust and debris from getting to the screen.

Temperature is controlled inside the LCD enclosure by cooling fans, heaters and other climatic systems, which enable the outdoor screen to function throughout the year, regardless of ambient and seasonal temperatures.

Available in various sizes, including all the most common LCD and plasma screen sizes, LCD enclosures can accommodate almost any make or model TV and enable its use in almost any outdoor location.

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