IP Ratings and What they Mean for Outdoor screen Enclosures

The international protection rating system, often referred to as ingress protection ratings (IP ratings), is a system that governs the protection offered by electrical enclosures. It provides more accurate information than vague terms, such as dustproof and waterproof.

IP ratings are commonly used throughout Europe, and they’re defined by international standard IEC 60529 (International Electrical Commission). The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) provides similar standards in the USA.

The two digits of the IP rating specify protection from solids (the first number) and liquids (the second digit). The first digit ranges from 0 to 6. The lowest number indicates no protection from solid objects, and the highest number means total dust protection. The numbers between indicate protection from smaller and smaller particulates as the number increases.

The second digit of the IP rating indicates protection against liquids. This starts at 0, which means no protection, and it goes up to 8, which means the enclosure is watertight, even when it’s immersed.

ip ratings liquids

What IP ratings do LCD enclosures need?

You might think that outdoor LCD enclosures require the maximum ingress protection rating. However, LCD screens require constant airflow to prevent overheating, so LCD enclosures can’t be completely sealed against water and dust.

The highest protection isn’t necessary, either. Outdoor digital signage enclosures only need to protect the screen from rain and windblown dust and dirt. Rain falls at a low pressure, so ratings in the IP54 to IP65 range are enough to keep the screen safe and dry. These ratings are also enough to stop airborne particulates from damaging the screen and components inside the enclosure.

Enclosures in the IP54 to IP65 range are ideal for outdoor digital signage and public information screens. Use them for reliable, robust and engaging digital advertising in any location: high streets, transport hubs, tourist attractions, drive thrus and more.

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