Installing an Outdoor Screen – Increasing Viewability

There are a myriad of different reasons for using an outdoor screen: outdoor digital signage, information displays or outdoor entertainment, are just a few of the reasons why modern LCD and plasma screens are being erected outdoors.

Screens used for outdoor digital signage are far better suited for the purpose than standard two dimensional signs as they can be scheduled and have important information uploaded remotely. While getting important information across is easier using digital displays too, as they are more noticeable and eye-catching than standard static signage.

Outdoor screens do need to be placed where they are easily seen, especially if you are providing advertising or information that you want people to see. But with viewability comes compromise. Placing a screen at eye-level is the ideal position to attract attention, but this is not always possible.

Commonly, outdoor screens are suspended from ceilings but this can lead to the display going unnoticed with the oncoming audience travelling underneath without heeding the sign. Some outdoor screens are installed flush against walls and this can suffer the same problems of being ignored.

Apart from repositioning the screen, there are a few other tips and tricks you can do to get make an outdoor digital signage more noticeable.

With an advertising screen, it can be beneficial to provide news, weather or other information that people will wish to view. This gives the audience added impetus to look for the screen and spend longer time dwelling on the content

This enables the advertisements to be viewed within the information content and will ensure that the audience is viewing the screen, even if it is not in an ideal location.

Another method of increasing viewability is to use sound to draw the eye. This can be effective in getting a sign noticed in busy locations, although it can become annoying to people if the same sounds are being repeated consistently.

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