Infection Control – Importance of Washable Keyboards and Mouse in Medical Settings

The spread of hospital acquired infections is an increasing problem in many hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Anti-biotic resistant infections such as MRSA and C. Difficile are all too common and result in hundreds of deaths each year.

Controlling infection throughout hospitals is an important aspect of good clinical management and many measures have been introduced to limit the spread and protect the vulnerable in our hospital wards.

Spread of infection

Barrier creams and enforced hand washing are only part of the story in helping to eliminate hospital acquired infections as there are other measures that need to be considered too. Preventing the spread of infection is not just about keeping the wards clean.

Commonly, in modern healthcare settings, the computer is just as prevalent a tool as the stethoscope.

Computers, and in particular keyboards and the computer mouse, are key harbourers of germs. In fact, there are more germs on the average computer keyboard and mouse than there are on a toilet seat. And as computers are commonly used by more than one person these germs can spread from staff member to staff member.

Medical Keyboards and Washable Computer Mouse

Most computer equipment is difficult, if not impossible to clean too. The design of most keyboards and mice means there are too many nooks and crannies for bacteria and pathogens to linger. They are also vulnerable to water which can affect their operation.

Washable and medical keyboards and computer mice are now available; and are proving incredibly helpful in the fight against hospital acquired infections. Medical keyboards are not only manufactured from easy to clean and bacteria resistant silicone but also they are designed to prevent pathogens from being able to linger under the keys.

The same is true of medical mice. These are also washable and manufactured from the same bacteria resistant silicone – you can even get wireless and washable mice.

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