Industrial Digital Signage

Digital signage is proving to be an incredibly popular form of advertising and messaging. Nearly everywhere you go these days there is a screen providing information of advertising content, from airports to shopping centres, and even the UK high streets are now filling up with outdoor digital signage.

The advantages of using screens for relaying important information are plentiful. Not only are digital signage displays far more noticeable and eye-catching, they have the advantage of being able to relay information in real time. They can also be networked which means that content can be uploaded centrally without the need to go round a site and separately pinning up the content.

Digital signage is being used in all sorts of locations both inside and as outdoor digital signage and even industrial and factory floor locations can reap the benefits too.

Obviously, any screen placed in a dusty, wet or otherwise hazardous location needs to be protected but this is simple to achieve by housing the screen in an LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures are commonly used for outdoor digital signage as their waterproof and temperature controlled environments allow screens to be completely protected, enabling them to function outdoors.

This comprehensive protection, also allows LCD enclosures to house screens in industrial and factory floor locations dust. The LCD enclosure will keep out any dust and other hazards and can even withstand being washed down – even pressure washed, which means they can be used in food manufacturing environments too.

LCD enclosures are also rugged, often made from steel with shatterproof screens they are ideal for busy warehouses and factories where risk of impacts is quite high.

With various methods of mounting, either floor, ceiling and wall, they can be fitted anywhere – even outside, and as LCD enclosure come in a range of sizes they can house almost any regular LCD or plasma screen keeping it protected and ensuring it will run, hassle free, for several years to come.

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