Industrial Computer Vs Industrial Computer Enclosure

The industrial computer has been around as long as the desktop PC, if not longer. Computers have even more advantages in the industrial environment as they can control production lines and manufacturing, reduce waste, increase efficiency and generate more production.

It is no surprise that most manufacturing processes are now controlled by an industrial computer of some kind. These industrial standard PC’s are highly expensive however and do offer certain drawbacks when it comes to upgrade or repair.

Often production downtime can be lost if an industrial PC breaks down as a specialist engineer will have to be called out of the industrial computer will have to be returned to the supplier. If there is no spare then this could cause a crippling amount of lost production and the cost of the industrial computers often means many industrial PC users cannot justify the expense of keeping an industrial PC as a spare.

Fortunately industrial PC enclosures are far less expensive but far more flexible. They contain standard desktop or tower PC but are protected by industrial dustproof &/or waterproof PC cabinets.  Not only are industrial PC enclosures less expensive than industrial computers but if anything goes wrong then it takes but minutes to open the door and replace the enclosed PC ensuring there is no loss of production or costly downtime.

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