Hotels – Reasons to Consider Digital Signage

Hoteliers are always looking for new ways to communicate with their customers, staff and visitors. The modern hotel is far more than just a place for bed and breakfast. A whole host of events and functions take place in the average hotel: weddings, conferences, meetings – not too mention nights out and meals in the restaurant.

So communicating to all these different people has always been a challenge, which is why digital signage and outdoor digital signage is such a benefit for hotels. Here are ten reasons and uses for digital signage in the hotel industry:


Rather than the outdated chalk and welcome boards, a digital signage screen can be updated and scheduled to provide content when required. A single notice-board can welcome a set of visitors and then the same board can welcome a different group of people a little later. Outdoor digital signage can even be used outdoors to display vacancies or conference information.


The bright, vivid, and modern screens are far more eye-catching than other methods. Digital signage can help create an image of modernity and help boost the aesthetics of the décor.

Extra Revenue

The great advantage of using digital signage screens is that they are multi-purpose. When they are not being used for providing information advertisements can be displayed – either in-house or for external advertisers as an additional revenue stream.

Ultimate Financial Savings

No matter what the future marketing campaigns require, digital signage will be able to provide a solution. There are no printing costs associated with digital signage so no matter how large the hotel, or number of hotels in the chain, content can be created cheaply and rolled out across the displays in all locations.

Content can also be created in-house and if screens are networked together it can be simple and straightforward for content to be rolled to all devices on the network.

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