Outdoor Digital Signage – easier than you might think

As digital signage become more ubiquitous, with screens seemingly everywhere from petrol stations, shopping malls and convenience stores, digital advertisers are always looking for an opportunity to get ahead.

Taking digital signage outside is one way that they can receive higher audiences for their content and there is also less competition in the world of outdoor digital signage, but for good reason.

Outdoor digital signage is often thought of as a taxing and challenging endeavour as a standard commercial grade screen or digital poster used indoors cannot simply be taken from the wall and erected outdoors.

Outdoor locations are fraught with danger for LCD screens, digital posters and other Dooh devices (Digital out of home). Rain, temperature, impacts and the sun can all cause problems that can either interfere with the quality of the image, or lead to the device failing.

Waterproof LCD screens, high brightness systems and other outdoor digital signage equipment can be extremely expensive and even if you do make such an investment, the device will still need taking care or – protected in some sort of enclosure to protect from impacts and vandalism.

There is, however, a far easier solution. Just use the same type of screen you would implement in an indoor location but house it in an outdoor digital signage enclosure.

Waterproof LCD enclosures are designed to accommodate almost any standard screen and not only keep it protected from rainfall and other weather elements but good quality LCD enclosure contain fans and thermostatic controlled heaters and cooling devices.

LCD enclosures are also rugged and durable; able to take knock and impacts including resisting vandalism and are a cost effective way of implementing outdoor digital signage.

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