Digital Signage to Play a Part in the UKs General Election

With a general election announced for the UK, voters have been inundated with campaign messages from all the main parties. From part political broadcasts on TV to giant roadside billboards, the UK electorate is used to receiving political messages from the great and the good.

However, the forthcoming general election is the first time in UK elections that digital signage has been implemented to promote political messages.

The labour party where the first to implement a digital signage scheme with a giant electronic billboard poster depicting the opposition leader as a detective from a 1980’s based crime drama.

And while many political commentators suggest the poster was an ‘own goal’ because of its content the use of digital signage in the election campaign is set to continue.
Following the Labour Party’s electronic billboard poster, the Conservative Party have launched a similar campaign on roadside electronic billboards.

Digital signage is an obvious and effective method of relaying political message and is no wonder that the political parties are taking up digital signage.

For politicians digital signage is ideal as it is more engaging than standard print advertising and compared to party political broadcasts is far more cost effective.
The advantages of digital signage, and in particular outdoor digital signage for politicians is that nearly everyone (of voting age) that goes past the screen is a potential target for their message.

And as more and more people become disillusioned with politics, digital outdoor posters, billboards and other signage become more attractive to political parties as they offer the ability to display simple message that can’t be turned off as broadcasted messages are.

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular in many areas and its use as a political campaign tool is set to increase. With a dozen digital signage sights already earmarked for political roadside advertising during the current election campaign.

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