Digital Signage – Importance of Knowing Why

When embarking on a digital signage project, people often ask lots of questions: What type of screen should I use? Where should I place them? What type of content do I need? Is outdoor digital signage worth it for me?

These types of questions are often asked because many of those wishing to get into digital signage are unsure why. Most of the uncertainties about content, technology and location can easily be answered if you know the reason why you wish to embark on a digital signage project in the first place.

Digital signage has become a bandwagon that many people have jumped on without a clear purpose and that needs to be decided a long time before you tart planning a campaign.

Reasons to Embark on Digital Signage

Having a clearly defined purpose for what you want to achieve with digital signage is highly important and there are many different reasons why people are choosing this technology:

• To raise brand awareness
• Advertising
• To provide a modern feel
• Information provision

Making the choices

Once you have a clearly defined purpose then the rest of the decisions involved in choosing a digital signage start to become clearer. For instance if you wish to advertise a particular product line then you can address where the best location would be and the type of content required.

This may differ to say an advertising campaign for an entire store or brand where perhaps an outdoor digital signage campaign would make more sense than a screen in a frontage window and this of course will affect the content, type and size of screen required.

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