Computer Hardware Problems in the Chiller and Freezer

In food distribution hubs, chilled and freezer environments are an essential part of keeping stock fresh and storing food until required by shops and supermarkets.

Heated printer enclosure

Recently, especially among the big name supermarkets, these chilled distribution hubs have become huge locations, in central locations, where masses of stock are stored before distribution.

Keeping track of this stock, communicating with workers and ensuring proper labelling for traceability requires the use of electronic hardware. Printers, computers, screens and digital signage, are all useful tools for distribution hubs. However, chilled and freezer environments provide difficulties in using this sort of hardware as the cold temperatures are capable of disabling them.

Printers for instance, are unable to operate in cold temperatures as it begins thickening and eventually freezes and conditions approach zero degrees. Other hardware is also susceptible to colder temperatures, with display screens and computer hard drives failing when temperatures get too low.

Providing IT and digital signage in chillers, and indeed freezers, is possible, however, by providing the right form of cold protection.

Computers, screens and printers, housed in enclosures that provide insulation or internal heaters, enable hardware to operate even in temperatures way beyond sub-zero.

LCD enclosures containing heater systems enable standard screen operation is all sorts of cold locations with digital signage displays in chillers, deep freezes and ski resorts common applications for them.

PC enclosures too provide cold protection for using standard computer systems, and even printers can operate at sub-zero temperatures with heated printer enclosures. Printer enclosures are a unique product, as they have to accommodate the removal of printed material, which obviously allows the heat to escape from the enclosure. These specialist enclosures, however, are designed to allow access, whilst still keeping heat inside the enclosure.

PC, printer, display and LCD enclosures provide simple but effective solutions for providing all the benefits of computing and digital signage in chilled and freezer locations.



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