Challenging Technology – Part Two – Withstanding the Heat

Most technology whether its computers, printers, displays or standard LCD TV’s have a problem when it comes to battling heat. Electronic devices naturally get hot which is why most computers are built with cooling fans inside the enclosures to ensure the dispersal of heat. Likewise, printers and displays are designed to allow build up of heat from electronic components to disperse.

This is fine when technology is implemented in ‘normal’ conditions but what happens if a computer is required on a factory floor next to a furnace or a LCD screen has to operate in a hot house. The extra heat will often cause the devices to overheat which will shorten the devices lifespan many-fold and if too excessive permanently disable the device in moments.

Fortunately industrial computer enclosures have been designed to allow standard computers to be used in extremely hot conditions. These work by having additional cooling systems, whether that is extra fans, air conditioners or in cases of extremely high temperatures directly fed compressed air.

The same technology can be utilised for printers and displays and touch screens. LCD enclosures, printer enclosures and touch screen enclosures can all be designed to withstand the extra heat caused by many industrial surroundings.

With LCD’s this technology is often used in countries where outdoor digital signage is used in hot climates. Fans with thermostatic control are inserted into an LCD enclosure ensuring they operate at exactly the correct operating temperature all the time no matter how hot the environment gets.

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