Benefits of a Digital Poster for LCD Digital Signage

Digital posters are a form of LCD digital signage or digital out of home (Dooh) advertising that is becoming increasingly popular in recent months. LCD digital signage is the use of standard LCD or plasma TVs as a means of relaying corporate information for marketing purposes.

The digital poster, as it is often called, is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective method of digital signage as it is simple, cost effective and is easier to provide a return on investment.

A digital posters is basically an LCD TV that is encased in an LCD enclosure, whilst most digital posters are intended for indoor use, some LCD enclosure are manufactured for outdoor use too, meaning the digital poster can be placed outside.

At its most basic level a digital poster can be the same as a digital photo frame where images are displayed for a set amount of time before being replaced. However, when video and sound are introduced the digital poster can take on a new life and can attract a far larger audience.

Most LCD enclosure type digital posters have room for digital signage players in the enclosure so the media can be controlled from within the device although for more complicated implementations, digital posters can be networked to a single multimedia player box or PC system.

For outdoor use, the LCD enclosure that protects the digital signage system needs to be waterproof to defend from the weather systems. Many of these LCD enclosures are rated to International and European rating systems such as NEMA and IP ratings.

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