Advertising on LCD Displays

There was a time that if you wanted to advertise your product, brand or business you would have to turn to an advertising company who would print and erect the advertisements for you. Whether it was a press advert, billboard or poster campaign, there was little choice in how you could go about it. However, thanks to developing LCD technology and its falling costs, now a dynamic, flexible and state-of-the art advertising system can be utilised by anyone.

Digital signage is the use of LCD TV screens (or plasma) out of the home for the purposes of advertising, signage, branding or information. And not only is digital signage more engaging, dynamic and flexible than print media – it is now inexpensive, practical and simple to perform.


Using LCD displays for advertising and digital signage requires very little, the main requirements are:

* LCD enclosure
* Media Player

Type of LCD TV required

Any standard LCD screen can be used as a digital signage display. Either in portrait or landscape orientation any standard LCD screen should have the ability display content uploaded from a PC or media playing device.

Media Player

Content on a digital sign can be uploaded by a media playing device of small PC, often these can installed inside a digital signage enclosure with the TV screen. For multiple digital signage installations, a networked solution would perhaps be a better solution as all content could be uploaded centrally rather than at each individual digital sign.

LCD Enclosure

The LCD enclosure does several tasks. It protects the LCD screen against impacts but also houses the media player and other components. LCD display enclosures can also offer waterproof protection allowing the LCD screens to be taken outside for outdoor digital signage.

Digital signage provides a flexible, dynamic and engaging method of advertising and thanks to the falling cost of LCD screens and the competitive pricing of LCD and other digital signage enclosures, digital signage is also a cost effective advertising medium.

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