Advantages of Digital Signage for Gyms and Leisure Centers

More and more people than ever before are using gyms and leisure centers as an increasing awareness in health and fitness drives people off their couches and into a more active lifestyles.

Due to this, gyms and leisure centers are now full of captive audiences, prime recipients for digital advertisers as gym and leisure center users often have little to keep them entertained when they are working out.

And this is the great advantage for using digital signage in gymnasiums. With rows of people on treadmills, rowing machines or exercise bikes with little to do other than stare ahead, placing screens before them ensures the advertising content is viewed.

Of course, to avoid repetition and infuriating customers, content needs to be mixed and varied with not just advertisements but information or even entertainment to ensure gym users continue to view the content.

Leisure centers too are full of potential advertising audiences. From squash courts to swimming baths, digital signage can provide content that can be visible to hundreds of users daily, while also providing a platform for messaging by the leisure center itself.

Many swimming baths, for instance, provide warning information on digital signage displays that prevent customers from embarking on dangerous activities in the pool. At the same time, these screens can display advertising content interlaced with the messages, which can help pay for the screen’s installation.

Providing a screen in a swimming pool location is a little more challenging, however, as the display has to be protected from water splashes—and needs to be safe too.

A waterproof screen, or a standard LCD housed in waterproof LCD enclosure is a must in this sort of environment to protect the screen from water splashes, and protect the visitors from the screen.

Even outdoor leisure facilities can use digital signage too. Using outdoor digital signage enclosures, screens can be placed in tennis courts and netball courts.

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