Achieving Your Goals – Tips to Outdoor Digital Signage Success

When planning a digital signage campaign there is much to think about. There is the selection of the screen, the LCD enclosure, the content – not to mention choosing the possible locations the screen(s) are to be located.

However, despite all the challenges and pitfalls associated with digital out of home (Dooh) there is one aspect that is key to ensuring that your campaign is a success – your goals.

Whether it is outdoor digital signage or an indoor campaign, having a clearly defined goal as to what you want to achieve is essential. The goal of any advertising campaign could encompass:

• Increase profits by attracting more customers
• Increase the sales of a particular product line
• Raise awareness s of the brand
• Promote a particular special offer
• Promote a particular store

Defining the Goal

Having a clear understood goal is essential. Everything, from the location of the screens, the type of screen to be used – not to mention the content itself – should all be aimed at achieving the goal.

If digital signage partners are involved in the project, regardless of what part of the system they are involved in they too should have a clear indication of what you want to achieve with the digital advertising campaign.

Establishing if the Goals are met

If a clear defined goal is not set then you can be faced with a problem in establishing if the campaign has been a success and there has been a return on your investment (ROI).

For instance, if the goal of the digital signage campaign is to increase trade then profits should rise throughout the period of the digital signage campaign and exceed the costs of the screens content and other digital signage equipment creating a positive return on investment.

In other defined goals such as brand awareness, ROI can be harder to establish but with a clear defined set of goals, an estimation of the success of the digital signage should be able to be established.

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