How To Choose The Best Digital Advertising Van-Side Screen

Learn how to choose van-side digital signage that engages customers, works reliably and can be installed quickly in any van.

A good van-side display makes it easy for you to use your fleet to boost brand awareness. The right solution adds extra value by doubling up as an onsite display for your workers.

Here's what you should look for when choosing the best digital advertising van-side screens for you.

Side view of a van with Armagard van-side digital signage enclosure

Use van-side digital signage to promote your brand and services to the public.

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Should Your Digital Signage Go Inside Or Outside The Vehicle?

Armagard van-side LED display 24" enclosure for effective digital advertising

Internal van-side digital signage is better protected from bad weather, road debris and theft.

Digital signage can be mounted in or on a vehicle. On-vehicle displays have some benefits, but in-vehicle screens are the better choice overall.

The main benefit of on-vehicle advertising is the potential for using larger screens. Screen size is limited only by what's safe and legal for your van. For instance, it's possible to mount a large, portrait screen to a van's rear doors. And dedicated digital ad vans go even bigger, with enormous displays that make a big impact.

However, the flip side of a big impact is a big cost. You'll want to advertise year-round, so be prepared to pay a premium for screens that work in cold temperatures, baking sun and heavy rain.

External screens are also a magnet for vandalism and theft. Plus, they can be damaged by road debris and windblown objects.

As such, while it's possible to mount a screen on the outside of a vehicle, the cost and risk make it a poor choice if you want peace of mind about your investment.

In-vehicle digital signage is a better option. By installing an outward-facing screen against a window, you reduce the risks posed by bad weather, vandalism and accidental damage.

Plus, you can still use a large enough screen to stand out. A 32" digital advertising van-side screen mounts against a van's rear window. This means it sits at eye level for pedestrians and can be seen above cars — ideal for boosting brand awareness when your fleet is parked up onsite or on the roadside.

What Is A Digital Advertising Van-Side Enclosure?

A window-mounted van-side digital signage enclosure installed in work van

You can install a digital advertising van-side enclosure quickly in any make of van.

An internally mounted screen avoids the problems of on-vehicle displays, but you still need to think about the conditions inside your vehicle. This is especially true in commercial vehicles — think of dusty jackets thrown in at the end of the day, loose equipment that can move around transit and rain that could come in as workers get tools.

A digital advertising van-side enclosure protects against these risks by housing the screen in a robust body. You get vehicle digital signage that you can use in any van and in all conditions — for maximum customer engagement.

5 Things To Look For In A Digital Advertising Van-Side Enclosure

An Armagard digital advertising van-side enclosure in a utilities van

Choose a van-side digital signage enclosure that lets you use a screen safely in a commercial vehicle.

1. A High-Bright Screen

Choose van-side digital signage enclosures that keep your promotions bright and clear in any weather.

A 1,500 NITS, van-side LED display 24" stays readable in direct sunlight and won't blacken in high temperatures. You benefit from maximum public engagement with advertising that's easy to read in all conditions.

2. Maximum Reliability And Lifespan

You want your in-vehicle screens to provide the lowest total cost of ownership. Look for the following features to make sure you're getting a product that will last for years:

  • An IP56 rating: This keeps out dust, dirt and splashing liquid so that you can use your van-side digital signage with vehicle doors open in wet weather.
  • A window-screen seal: Look for a rubber seal that stops liquid and dust getting on the screen. This is important for the longevity of the screen and keeps it clear.
  • Powder-coated mild steel: A mild-steel construction protects against physical damage, so you don't have to worry about loose objects hitting the screen in transit.
  • Anti-vibration mounts: Choose an enclosure with specialist mounts that keep the screen safe over potholes, speed bumps and rough roads.

These features give you confidence your vehicle digital signage will work reliably year after year, making it a great investment for your business.

3. Quick And Easy Installation

Look for in-vehicle screens that are easy to install so your vans can get back on the road quickly.

Armagard's van-side LED display 24" gives you everything you need to fit it yourself. Simply mount the enclosure against a rear window using the supplied brackets, then connect it to the vehicle's 12V power supply.

The van-side enclosure fits any make of van, giving you the convenience of using the same product across your fleet.

4. A Multi-Purpose Display

The best in-vehicle screens add value to your business by doubling up as onsite displays. Use them to show job information, safety best practice, company news and more.

Window-mounted screens are also ideal for showing the feed from survey/inspection cameras. The full HD, 24" or 32" screen gives workers a clear view of what the camera sees. Staff get an improved workflow, which saves your business time and money.

5. A Trusted Manufacturer

Choose a manufacturer with a reputation for producing robust, effective digital signage. Armagard provides the reassurances you want when investing in equipment for your business:

  • Expert advice on choosing, buying and installing digital signage in your vans.
  • A five-year mechanical warranty and up to five-year electrical warranty.
  • Lifetime customer support.

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