Van-Side Digital 32" Screen

Boost Brand Awareness With A Mobile Digital Van Display

Reach customers and improve workflow with van-side digital 32" signage. The enclosure's high-bright screen is ideal for digital advertising or as a display for the feed from work camera equipment. The screen mounts against the inside of a window and runs from the vehicle's 12V supply. Install it quickly and easily in any van and boost brand awareness when your fleet is on site.

Van-side digital 32" screen for effective mobile advertising

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    Ideal for:

  • Mobile Digital Advertising
  • Vehicle Digital Signage
  • Equipment Camera Feeds
  • Utilities Vehicles
  • Ice Cream Vans

At a glance:

Size (H×W×D) mm:
520 × 850 × 183
Screen Size:
32" Landscape
Powder-Coated Mild Steel
IP Rating:
Power Supply:
Temperature Range:
-5°C to 35°C
Product Code:

Reliable Van-Side Digital 32" Screens For Your Business

The IP56 enclosure protects the screen from dust ingress and splashing liquid. You can run it continuously, even with the van doors open in wet weather. The 1,500 NITS screen stays readable in bright sunlight. Anti-blackening technology keeps it clear in hot temperatures. Get maximum brand exposure with clear, attractive promotions in all conditions.

The mild-steel body prevents physical damage to your van-side digital 32" screen. Anti-vibration mounts protect the screen when driving. You get peace of mind about your investment as it travels between sites. Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. You benefit from industry-leading warranties and lifetime technical support.

Features And Benefits

Features Benefits
IP56 Rating Use the van-side digital 32" screen in bad weather with van doors open. The powder-coated mild-steel body protects against physical damage, for maximum screen lifespan.
1,500 NITS, High-TNI Screen Ideal for digital advertising that stands out in any weather. The screen stays readable in bright sunlight. Anti-blackening technology keeps it clear in hot temperatures.
Anti-Vibration Mounts Be confident in the reliability of your mobile digital van display as it travels between sites. Specialised rubber mounts protect the screen from damage when driving over potholes, speedbumps and rough roads.
Enclosure Aperture Seal A seal between the screen and van window stops the ingress of water, dust and dirt. Your van-side digital signage operates reliably in harsh conditions, for maximum screen lifespan.
12V Power Supply Run the mobile digital van display from your van's power supply. Easy installation means you can fit the enclosure yourself and start using it quickly.
Custom Options Use the media player of your choice or ask Armagard to supply one with your screen. Get in touch to discuss the best media player for you.

Specifications And Guarantees

All Armagard enclosures are built in accordance with European IP and International NEMA standards, guaranteeing protection from liquids and particulates.

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    5 year warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    We Guarantee:

  • Five-Year Warranty on all Mechanical Parts
  • One-Year Electrical Warranty, with a Five-Year Extended Warranty Available
  • Informed and Helpful Support Staff
  • High-Quality Engineering
  • Over 30 Years of International Industry Experience
  • Excellent, Ongoing Customer Service
  • Lifetime Technical Support

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