5 Reasons To Use Digital Display Van 32" Screens From Armagard

Armagard digital display van 32" enclosure installed in a work van

Discover why Armagard's van-side digital signage is the right choice for your commercial fleet.

The digital display van 32" screen mounts inside a rear window, allowing you to boost brand awareness with advertising and information when your vans are parked up. The screen adds further value to your business by doubling up as an onsite display for your workers.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Armagard's van-side digital 32" screen.

1. Your Promotions Stand Out In Any Weather

Increase brand awareness with digital advertising that's effective throughout the day and in changing conditions.

The digital display van 32" enclosure comes with a 1,500 NITS screen that stays clear in bright sunlight. The screen has a TNI of 105°C, so it won't blacken in high temperatures. Your promotions stay clear and readable whatever the weather — for greatest customer engagement.

2. Install It Quickly In Any Make Of Van

Van-side digital signage mounted against a van rear window
Install the digital display van 32" enclosure quickly in your vehicles.

The van-side display fits any make of van, so you can use the same screen across your fleet.

The enclosure-screen combo gives you everything you need to fit it yourself. Simply mount the enclosure against a rear window using the supplied brackets, then connect it to the vehicle's 12V power supply. A fast installation process means you get your vans back on the road quickly.

Use the media player of your choice or request one from Armagard. Get in touch for help choosing a media player for your van-side enclosure that lets you update your content quickly and easily.

3. The Screen Doubles Up As An Onsite Display For Your Workers

Van-side digital 32" screen from Armagard
Show promotions, company information, camera feeds and more on your van-side digital signage.

Get the most from your digital display van 32" screen by using it as an onsite display when workers are on the job. Show work safety information, company updates, industry best practices and more.

It's also ideal for showing the feed from work camera equipment. The full HD screen gives workers a large, clear view of what the camera sees. Staff get an improved workflow, which means jobs get finished faster — saving your business time and money.

4. You Get Maximum Screen Lifespan In Harsh Conditions

Armagard van-side digital 32" display in a work van with open rear doors
Use the digital display van 32" screen safely with van doors open.

Industry ratings and rugged engineering mean you get maximum longevity from your van-side digital signage.

The enclosure has an IP56 rating, which stops the ingress of dust, dirt and splashing liquid. You can use the screen continuously with van doors open, even in wet weather — ideal for utilities vehicles that are on the job in all conditions. A seal between the window and screen keeps the display safe from dust and dirt in the back of work vans.

The enclosure is made from powder-coated mild steel, so the screen won't be damaged by falling objects when the van is on the road. Anti-vibration mounts keep the screen safe in transit, giving you peace of mind about your investment as it travels between locations.

5. Benefit From Industry-Leading Warranties And Lifetime Support

Armagard provides the reassurances you want when investing in vehicle digital signage:

  • Expert advice on choosing, buying and installing digital signage in your vans.
  • A five-year mechanical warranty and up to five-year electrical warranty.
  • Lifetime customer support.

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. You can be confident your van-side display will work reliably and effectively for years, with a low total cost of ownership.

Contact Armagard To Discuss Van-Side Digital Signage For Your Business

Armagard's digital display van 32" screen is quick to fit, designed to last and makes your promotions look great in any weather.

It's backed up by long warranties and great support from a trusted supplier, giving you the peace of mind you want when investing in equipment for your business.

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about fitting digital signage in your vehicles. Call +44 (0)121 608 7226 or fill in a contact form to request more information.