I DOOH | How to Marry Outdoor Digital Signage to Your Business

I DOOH | How to Marry Outdoor Digital Signage to Your Business

An outdoor digital signage network can make your business up to 60 percent more profitable. The 'word on the street' is that digital signage outdoors is fuelling growth in consumer spending, according to global consumer research. Question is, how do you marry outdoor digital signage to your business to boost sales?

Cost, logistics, appearance and return on investment (ROI), are the key criteria for couples when planning a wedding. OK, maybe not ROI… for some! However, the criteria are certainly true for marrying digital out-of-home (DOOH) to your business.

Outdoor digital signage might seem like a pressure you can do without in the scrap for business survival and market share, especially if you're a small business. It's natural to be nervous, bride and groom are equally nervous when making a lifelong commitment.

However, committing to going digital outdoors will be beneficial to your business, even after the 'honeymoon' period subsides. Before you say 'I DOOH', here's some 'pre-marriage prep' that will help you marry outdoor digital signage to your business.

#1 - Outdoor Digital Signage Costs

outdoor digital signage
'The cost of outdoor digital signage can be as little as the price of a screen, media player and an outdoor enclosure.'

Get quotes from several suppliers, don't settle for the first price you get. Contrary to what you've been told or read, outdoor digital signage does not require you to break the bank. You don't have to have the most expensive digital street signage for it to be effective.

The truth is, EVERY small business can set up an outdoor digital signage network for very little cost, without compromising on quality. The basic audio visual equipment needed to establish a network of digital outdoor signs isn't that expensive because wide spread use has meant hardware costs have fallen.

The bulk of the cost is the protection needed to go digital outdoors.

#2 - The Logistics of Outdoor Digital Signage

Logistics of Outdoor Digital Signage
'Ideally, you want an outdoor digital signage vendor that offers a 'full-service' solution.'

Tying the knot between your business and your outdoor digital signage systems requires an airtight logistical plan. An outdoor digital signage 'starter kit' will require screens, media players and an outdoor digital signage enclosure. The trick here is to find a supplier that offers a full solution, plus installation services.

Outdoor digital deployments require a supplier with expertise in the market and experience of working on small-scale projects as well as larger installations. From a logistical point of view, an outdoor digital signage vendor that offers a complete service relieves the pressure on you and increases the likelihood that your project will run smoothly.

Working with one provider limits the number of suppliers you have to consult with and manage. Plus, if your project encounters some hurdles, referring to one point of contact makes troubleshooting easier.

#3 - Outdoor Digital Signage Appearance

Outdoor Digital Signage Appearance
'You want outdoor digital signage that you can brand to tie in with your company.'

You will want your outdoor digital signage network to reflect your business brand. From your hardware to your content, digital street signage can improve brand exposure. Some solutions make this easier than others. For instance, digital signage outdoors complete with enclosures can be customised.

Brand enclosures with logos or customise them to match company colours, enabling customers to better identify your brand by association. Remember, it's not only the screen content that delivers powerful messages, use the hardware around it to lock your brand into a customer's thinking.

Presentation is power and first impressions count, which is why your marketing message - displayed using outdoor digital signage - will have higher retention rates among potential patrons. The great thing about digital signage outdoors is that you can experiment with different types of messaging, animations and video to find out what engages your audience.

A union between your business and outdoor digital signage is perfect for boosting brand exposure and improving the image of your company. It gives your company a fresh appearance too, demonstrating that you're moving with technological trends and committed to engaging your audience in a way they can relate to.

According to research carried out by Arbitron, 70 percent of consumers turn to digital signs outdoors, simply to determine business exposure. The logic is simple, the more times a consumer sees or hears about your business via outdoor digital screens, the more trust it builds in their minds.

#4 - Get Set for Growth

outdoor digital signage Network
'Be prepared to increase the number of displays in your outdoor digital signage network.'

Every marriage involves growth. To keep the marriage between your business and your outdoor digital signage network solid, you must be prepared to grow. Futureproofing your network is key. If your vision is short-term, the relationship between your business and digital outdoor signage will end in divorce.

Your goal has to be long-term, you have to anticipate having to upgrade your hardware or replace equipment at the end of its life. This is where housing your outdoor digital screens in enclosures gives you the edge. Rather than having to replace or upgrade an entire system, you can switch individual components, keeping costs down.

Equally, enclosures are quicker to install. If you need to grow your outdoor digital display network from 10 screens to 20, outdoor digital signage enclosures give your business a practical solution. You don't have to be a technology wizard to install them, making the setup process much faster.

#5 - Return on Investment

outdoor digital signage
'The ROI potential of going digital outdoors is phenomenal. Don't miss out.'

When all is said and done, everything comes down to return on investment. Will you see a worthwhile ROI to justify splashing out on digital signage for outdoor use? The answer is yes. Going digital outdoors gives you multiple opportunities to boost revenues, whether it's via increased customer spend or renting your systems out to third parties.

Companies using digital screens outdoors make their money back within 12 - 18 months, on average. Everything you do digitally can be analysed, which makes tracking ROI easier. You can identify customers arriving at your store who have engaged with outdoor digital displays or bought online because of a marketing message viewed on an outdoor screen.

All this helps to get to know your audience, identifying what turns them on and what turns them off. Digital signage outdoors helps your business to refine its marketing messages and communicate more effectively with customers.

You know what they say, 'the key to any successful marriage is communication.' Granted, outdoor digital signage might be a step into the unknown, but so too is marriage. It's time to step out of your comfort zone.

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