Washroom Advertising with Digital Signage

Digital signage Advertising is most effective when there is a captive audience. Screens placed in waiting rooms, departure lounges, on buses, trains and other locations where people have little else to do, have more chance of being viewed than those screens placed around shopping malls and other locations where people are busying about.

When on a night out, enjoying a meal of a drink with friends, there is one location where we all visit at least once during the evening—the washroom, and washrooms are ideal for advertising as they also provide a captive audience.

While bathroom advertising isn’t new, more and more digital signage screens are being placed in bathrooms and washrooms to take advantage of this lucrative advertising market, providing a more appealing and eye-catching form or washroom promotion.

Audio can also work well in a washroom, helping to draw attention the messages being displayed on screen—especially as there is little background sounds and conversations in washroom areas.

Placing standard screens in washrooms, however, is not always a good idea. Not only is there the risk of water splashing, but as washrooms are unsupervised locations, there is also the risk of vandalism to think about—especially in a busy city centre bar or nightclub.

A good solution is a form of TV enclosure; these will protect the screen from water splashes but will also prevent damage caused by impact and attempts at vandalism.

LCD enclosures are a secure and resistant method of deploying LCD TVS in all sorts of locations, not just washrooms, and are commonly used as outdoor digital signage protection and for enabling information screens and TVs to be used outdoors.


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