Using Printers in Chilled and Frozen Environments

Using printers in chilled and frozen environments has always been deemed impossible. Print heads can’t operate in temperatures even approaching sub-zero,but now, thanks to their unique heated printer enclosures, printers can now be used in temperatures as cold as minus 30 degrees. Ideal for food distribution centres.

Armagard’s  heated printer enclosures are designed to be fail-safe with the needs of distribution centres in mind. Our printer freezer enclosures are:

•    Completely user friendly for operating staff
•    The print head is uniquely protected from the cold with thermostatically controlled warm air ducting designed to channel heat directly on to the print head.
•    Spring loaded door prevents it from being left open
•    The heater is designed to be failsafe with all cables of arctic grade quality and completely protected from accidental severing.
•    Included storage for label rolls and spare print heads to allow quick replacement.
•     Designed with highest quality components and engineering, built from food grade stainless steel and thoroughly tested to ensure fail-safe working with all possible eventualities catered for.

By utilising heated printer enclosures many distribution companies find

•    Vehicles turnaround quicker – allowing more deliveries
•    Free up staff time on site – no time wasted walking to the office and back, creating a more efficient and practical solution of labelling
•    Improve support for stock control ….Reduced the risk of empty shelves deterring customers because the deliveries haven’t arrived on time

Armagard’s heated printer enclosures are used by leading supermarket chains across Europe including Asda, Tesco and 3663.

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