TV Show Tests New Eco LCD’s

A new range of power saving LCD displays has been tested by Channel Five consumer product programme The Gadget Show.  With LCD displays now being used for digital signage purposes, power saving is now a concern not just for environmental reasons but also to save businesses money.

One concern raised in the programme is the effect on image quality many of these power saving options which could have implications for using LCD TVs for digital signage, particularly when the signage is in poor lighting or is used as outdoor digital signage.

However, many of these power saving options can be turned off and while implemented can have a dramatic effect on electrical consumption with an estimated 75 per cent saving on the leading devices tested on the show.

The three units that came out best were: Sony Bravia kdl-46es (best price £1650), Sharp Aquos lc46dh77e (best price £741) and the Samsung ue46b70000ww (best price £1600).

The conclusions of the Channel Five show were that the Samsung had both better quality and good power saving options. However, when you take into consideration the price, the Sharp Aquos seems a most cost effective solution for those seeking low powered units for digital signage.

A video of the tests can be seen on the Gadget Show website:

Many of these eco-friendly screens can be housd in outdoor LCD enclosures making them a cost effective and environmenal solution for outdoor digital signage.

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