The Importance of Hospital Keyboards and Washable Mouse

The medical profession has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade. Computers and technology used to be the solely used by administrators but now, everybody, from doctors, nurses and even orderlies, regularly have to use computers equipment.

All this sharing of keyboards and computer mouse can cause problems. Computer keyboards and a computer mouse are transmitters of germs and bacteria. With so many different people using them, some eating at the desk or slopping coffee on the keyboard, it is no wonder that there are more germs on the average computer keyboard than on a toilet handle or seat.

And with the rise of hospital acquired infection over recent years, such as MRSA and C. Difficile, the spread of germs from computer equipment is a serious issue.

Hospital Keyboards

Hospital keyboards are designed to not only prevent bacteria build up, being built flush with no nooks and crannies for bugs to hide and spread; but also they are designed to be easily washable, allowing cleaning without the risk of damage to the keyboard.

As hospital keyboards can be regularly washed with soap, water and a host of cleaning products, including anti-bacterial detergents and alcohol’ this can greatly reduce the risk of infection spreading from user to user.

Medical Mouse

Similar to hospital keyboards a medical mouse is also washable. Computer mouse have the same problem as computer keyboards with germs able to get a foot hold in the gaps between the buttons, which is why a washable medical mouse is built without the gaps. They are also manufactured from the same bacteria resistant materials as a hospital keyboard and can be easily washed and wiped clean – even with alcohol.

You can even get washable wireless mouse enabling easier use – they can also be carried away by individuals allowing them to have their own mouse rather than share with different users and risk the spreading of pathogens.

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