Protecting LCD Enclosures from Corrosion

Usually manufactured from steel, outdoor LCD enclosures, used to protect LCD and plasma screen in outdoor locations for use as outdoor digital signage, are. Steel is ideal for outdoor digital signage protection as it is tough and durable and can defend from vandalism, impacts and tampering.

Steel is one of the most frequently used metals for outdoor use. It’s tough, strong and durable and unlike iron is not as susceptible to as much corrosion; however, any metallic object working outdoors can be vulnerable to rust and so needs protecting.

Rust, or corrosion, is the names given to oxidisation of iron when mixed with water and the air. Corrosion is damaging as the rust eventually eats away at the metal, slowly decaying it and weakening the structure, so for any steel LCD enclosure that is operating outside under the rain, some consideration needs to be put into protecting the steel from oxidisation.

A common method of anti-corrosion protection is the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel, commonly used in cutlery and other items, doesn’t rust at all, as it has high levels of chromium which prevents the rusting. Unfortunately, for larger objects like and LCD enclosure, manufacturing it from stainless steel could double the production costs.

Fortunately, as a more cost effective method of protecting against rust is readily available—paint. When iron is painted, the pain acts as a waterproof barrier preventing water from oxidising the metal and preventing rust.

Standard paint is not ideal for this sort of protective coating though. Not only can it look gloopy, but regular paint can flake and chip. For most industrial equipment, steel is powder coated. Powder coating is the application of dry powder rather than liquid paint, which is electro-statically coated. Powder coating always provides a 100% coating ensuring a complete and permanent barrier against moisture.

With a powdered coating a mild steel LCD enclosure should be protected against rust and corrosion ensuing that the device can be used outdoors with complete peace of mind.

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