Libraries, Churches and Community Centres – Using an Outdoor Screen

While many outdoor screens are used for digital signage or providing information such as wayfinding, other uses for using an external display do exist and can help improve services offered by institutions.

Schools, colleges, churches, community halls and public libraries all provide essential services but communicating with local services can often be a challenge, especially in today’s media savvy environment.

Local newspapers are on the decline, and few areas have parish magazines any longer, so getting information to the masses about events and community projects can be a challenge.

Traditional notice boards are an option, of course, however, they are not that effective or noticeable (when was the last time you stopped and read your local church’s notice board, or the one outside the public library?); so an outdoor display is one way of communicating messages far more effectively.

Often these institutions are not cash rich and need to watch budgets, and an outdoor screen is often considered as too expensive an investment; however, not only can they be inexpensive, far more engaging, noticeable and effective, but an outdoor screen can actually save money in the long-run.

When you consider annual printing costs of producing posters and other print media for such organisations, the cost of a display cost of display can end up paying for itself. Of course, you still have to buy the screen and produce content, but money can be saved here too.

While outdoor screens that can operate in outdoor locations are one option, these are expensive and unnecessary, as far cheaper alternatives are available.

A standard LCD screen, even a consumer grade one, can be used, if the relevant outdoor protection is provided. An outdoor LCD enclosure provides just such protection, encasing the display in a rugged and waterproof  cabinet that will not only ensure the weather doesn’t infiltrate the display, but will also protect an enclosed media player/computer device making a cost effective alternative to expensive outdoor media systems.

LCD enclosures also provide excellent impact and vandalism protection ensuring the screen isn’t damaged by accidents and thoughtless acts of vandalism.

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