Growing Use of Digital Signage around Religious Buildings

There has been a growing use of digital signage displays both indoors and out around churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, as many religious buildings and institutions look for effective communication to their congregations and local communities.

In the United States and other areas, religion plays an important part in people’s lives, but increasingly, churches and

Digital signage

Digital signage provides effective communication for religious buildings

other buildings find themselves serving much larger communities and communicating with these more fragmented congregations requires effective outdoor messaging.

Outdoor digital signage provides religious buildings with an effective method of providing details of events and services to the local community. Furthermore, it provides an effective tool to spread religious messages.

Many religious buildings are fairly large and cater for a whole host of local events. From weddings, funerals, christenings and bar mitzvahs to Sunday schools, crèche facilities and other community services. Religious buildings, therefore, need a method of communicating what sort of services are being offered, stipulating times, places and locations, which is why outdoor digital signage is so effective.

Inside religious buildings digital signage displays are increasingly being used too. Wayfinding and use as electronic bulletin boards, a screen can replace the traditional noticeboards that many churches and other religious buildings employ to communicate to congregations.

Digital signage also offers the ability to transmit services from the pulpit to other areas of the church and even to outside areas, helping priests and other religious leaders communicate their messages to a wider audience.

Digital signage also offers churches and other religious buildings, often seen as old and stuffy, with a contemporary image, which helps engage with younger members of the community. This modernization also benefits the building organisers too as messaging becomes far simpler to disseminate to a congregation and local community with an immediate and remote method of uploading of information.

Digital signage systems are not necessarily complicated either, with simple digital signage posters or LCD screens protected in LCD enclosures, content can be uploaded with USB drives making it unnecessary to embark on an expensive and complicated networking system. A lot of content is easily home generated too with many software packages available to help generate messaging for event the busiest of church organiser.

With digital signage displays both indoors and out, modern religious buildings are finding an effective method of communication with parishioners, congregations, the young and local community in a modern and efficient manner, which helps to keep the church or other religious building relevant in today’s ever-changing technological landscape.

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