Dooh Relief Content for Japan

Following the tragic events in Japan last week, which has been the country’s worst natural disaster in several generations, leaving over thousands dead and over two million people without power, the digital signage industry has bandied together to help generate content for a Red Cross appeal.

The website contains several videos and images which can be downloaded (for free and without restrictions—although the creators request you don’t alter the content other than formatting it to fit) and used as content to help appeal for charitable donations to the Red Cross.

Digital signage is an ideal medium for such appeals as, like television, it enables the audience to see just what has happened through moving images, whilst also being able to clearly display the appeal numbers. And by running the running a Red Cross appeal it doesn’t mean you have to turn off your regular content as it can be interlaced within your normal content schedule. has been set up by the digital signage industry to coordinate, develop and distribute these public service ads. Several content creation companies have generated spots on the website (rVue and Context Media inc) but more content is being compiled and there is a facility for content creators to upload files.

Currently the content has a USA text number call to action but international content and telephone numbers should be developed by the weekend.

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