Digital Signage Unit in Football. How to Make Money from Football’s Mass Following

Digital signage unit

Discover the commercial benefits of installing digital signage units across the football pyramid. From grassroots to the upper echelons of world football, find out how to make money from football’s mass following using a digital signage unit.

What’s the Greatest Incentive Football has for Using Digital Signage?

A readymade audience! Football fans are loyal to their club or country. Arguably football, and sports in general, hold an audience loyalty many mainstream retailers can only dream of. It’s certainly hard to argue, as it’s difficult to imagine 90,000 people packing into Marks and Spencer all at once for 90 minutes.

The Benefits of a 52” Digital Signage Unit

Grassroots Level

At grassroots level, a 52” digital signage unit offers an attractive way to advertise football coaching schools targeting aspiring young footballers and their parents. Imagine being able to display a video snippet of your coaching school in action on a 52” screen as youngsters pass by.

It’s interactive, it’s inspiring and it’s encouraging, influencing parents to enrol their children.

Specifically, schools and sports centres can tap into the lucrative digital signage market by hosting football coaching schools. It gives such institutions the opportunity to provide a venue and the chance to rent out a digital signage unit, providing a viable, long-lasting income stream.

Digital signage also provides a platform for schools and sports centres to self-promote.

A bonus benefit to schools and sports centres is that a digital signage unit cuts the cost of advertising, reducing paper use in the process, saving your institution even more money.

For those hosting a football coaching course, digital signage at venues such as schools and sports centres makes everything convenient. You can rent space and rent a digital signage unit as part of the package.

Compared to ‘traditional advertising’ methods, renting a digital signage display gives your advertising an interactive edge likely to encourage higher levels of course enrolment.


52” digital signage represents a fantastic way to market localised football clubs at events throughout the world. For example, the ‘Grassroots’ exhibition staged at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, sees digital signage used to recruit youngsters, market team paraphernalia and promote a club to a broad spectrum of people.

A 52” digital signage unit can be used in football stadiums across the world. The greatest benefit of digital advertising in a football arena is that it drives sales, especially when used as food outlet menu boards or to promote products being sold in the club shop.

A digital signage unit serves as the ultimate point-of-sale system. Placed strategically, close to concession stands and along busy concourse areas, digital signage is virtually unavoidable.

In these key locations digital signage stirs buying impulses, increasing the likelihood of improving a football venue’s revenue stream significantly.

Within sports arenas, digital signage has many practical benefits. Where thousands of people gather, queuing times can be extensive. In this case digital signage serves two purposes:

1) It provides entertainment and holds audience attention, representing a prime advertising opportunity.

2) Digital signage can proactively aid sales if used as a transaction unit. This results in faster service at concession stands and data can be recorded to establish consumer buying habits.

52" Digital Signage

Is Wembley Way missing an opportunity without the presence of digital signage?

A recent article published by emphasises just how much football clubs, such as Barcelona and Arsenal, have changed their entire retail strategy by introducing a digital signage unit.

52” Digital Signage

Digital signage in action at Barcelona’s official club shop.

Armagard’s Football Affiliation – Euro 2012

Armagard is no stranger to providing digital signage solutions for football stadiums, supplying a total of 485 units for the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

Stadium builders required protection for screens used for advertising, menu boards and information points and Armagard duly obliged with a range of 42” and 52” outdoor digital signage enclosures.

Digital Signage Unit

Armagard Digital Signage at Euro 2012, Poland & Ukraine.

During the championships stadiums were able to influence half time food sales and sales of football paraphernalia. Throughout the tournament, because of the protective capabilities of the units, screen advertising was constant. Each enclosure delivered a fantastic return on investment.

Digital Signage Unit

Digital Signage used as information displays at a stadium ticket office.

Product Profile – 52” Landscape Enclosure

Completely versatile, fully customisable and lasting for 10 years or more, Armagard’s 52” landscape enclosure allows for the installation of a digital signage unit in any environment.

Ideal for grassroots football organisations, international clubs and even football governing bodies, these distinct units are perfect for driving sales and presenting information.

Digital Signage

Armagard 52” Digital Signage, National Arena Bucharest, Romania.


The 52” landscape digital signage unit can be wall-mounted, ceiling-hung or stand-mounted allowing you to place them strategically for maximum impact.


The unit can be supplied as standard or completely customised to suit your requirements. You can add touch screen features, making your unit fully interactive. Add anti-glare and anti-reflective technology to ensure crisp and clear screen visibility in direct sunlight.

It can be equipped with heating and cooling systems to cope with fluctuating temperatures.

Lasts for 10 years or more

The 52” landscape enclosure is from a generation of weatherproof, fully outdoor, AV protection solutions, which are designed to withstand numerous factors.

The unit safeguards AV equipment against rain, sleet, snow, ice and sunlight exposure. They are fully theft proof and vandal proof, featuring a number of security devices to prevent screens from being wilfully damaged or stolen.

Primary Benefit

The primary benefit of 52” landscape enclosure installation is that you’re protecting your investment while it generates revenue, regardless of which level it’s used at in the football hierarchy.

Armagard’s digital signage solutions offer all year round protection. That’s uninterrupted advertising or information display that’s low maintenance, cost-cutting and convenient.

So, as a new football season approaches in the UK and across Europe, put the finishing touches to your footballing digital signage project with Armagard.

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