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Armagard Delivers Vibrant Outdoor Digital Signage Solution for Volvo, Sweden

Volvo Bil petrol forecourt

Volvo Bil, Sweden is a car dealership and reseller that sells more than 25,000 new and pre-owned Volvos every year.

With four on site workshops and a petrol station, the Volvo Bil facility employees 115 in-house mechanics and technicians.

Needing to upgrade their advertising displays, used to target petrol forecourt patrons, Volvo Bil opted for outdoor digital signage, choosing to install four, 47" screens. Requiring highly-durable protection to position their screens outdoors, Volvo Bil settled on four of Armagard's classic, PDS outdoor LCD digital signage enclosures.

Why Did Volvo Bil Choose Armagard?

Volvo Bil's, Hasse Helstrom, explains why they chose Armagard: "Following a month long search, we selected Armagard because their products looked technically sound, plus they are manufactured in Europe, which meant minimum hassle with customs and import - making delivery faster and easier."

volvo digital signage installed

Why Did Volvo Bil Want to Install Digital Signage?

Prior to installing outdoor digital signage, Volvo Bil relied on 15-year-old, triple sign mechanical displays for its petrol forecourt advertising.

Unfortunately, the existing displays were starting to falter and looked increasingly outdated. Ultimately, the signs were doing very little to gain traction with the petrol station's customers.

Equally, their current signage solution was susceptible to outdoor conditions. Condensation and fading printed material were a real problem. As a result, the cost of printing and maintaining their previous signage was growing increasingly expensive and far less cost-effective.

With this in mind, Volvo Bil aimed to cut their printing costs and sought to reduce maintenance requirements, while looking to speed up the time it took to update their advertising content.

How Did Armagard's Product Help Volvo Bil Achieve Its Objectives?

volvo digital signage at forecourt

"Since installing digital signage, we've definitely cut the cost of printing, while the time between content production and publishing is considerably shortened," Hasse Helstrom said.

Mr Helstrom added: "Volvo Bil chose Armagard enclosures because they are high quality, providing solid protection against the weather and vandals. They have climate control to keep the monitors dry, readable and operational."

Commenting on the personal customer service Volvo Bil experienced, Mr Helstrom said: "We were very pleased with the service and understanding we received from Armagard representatives and we will definitely continue to use Armagard enclosures."