Petrol pump advertising digital

Motion activated digital signage

The petrol pump advertising digital signage enclosure from Armagard is a mild-steel landscape enclosure that will protect two dual 22" LCD/LED screens against the hazards of an outdoor environment; whilst presenting motion activated digital signage that increases sales revenue and advertising return on investment (ROI).

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    Ideal for:

  • Petrol/Fuel Stations
  • Forecourts
  • Transport Platforms
  • Arena and Stadiums

At a glance:

Size (HxWxD)mm:
630 x 476 x 399
Screen Size:
Dual 22"
Powder Coated Mild Steel
A top a flat surface (1.5m for a fuel station)
IP Rating:
Product Code:

Designed from quality powder coated mild-steel and sealed to IP56, the PDP enclosure will protect against heavy rain, dust, collisions, and extreme temperatures by using it’s added internal heating and cooling system.

Features & Benefits

Ideal for smaller areas with limited space, the petrol pump advertising digital enclosure maximises its impact by using its dual 22” screens to increase sales from outdoor digital signage and generate a return-on-investment (ROI). In addition, an outdoor enclosure will lower your total cost-of-ownership (TCO) by keeping hardware running within optimum temperature conditions, and locked to prevent vandalism and theft.

Feature Benefit
Manufactured from powder coated mild-steel Sealed to IP54 the enclosure is dust, dirt, splash and weather-proof making it ideal for indoor or outdoor* use

*Outdoor Installation? Please consult an Armagard representative for a suitability assessment - +44 (0)121 608 7226.

Water repellent seals Fitted as standard to the door, locks and window prevent damage to the enclosed equipment by ingress of liquids and allows wipe or light wash down of the enclosure
Surge protected four way mains distribution Prevents damage to enclosed equipment from 'spikes' of of electricity extending life span
Internal fan(s) Maintain a stable, uniform internal temperature reducing strain on all enclosed components and extending life span
Heater & air-conditioning modules These optional extras allow the installation of this unit at extremes of temperature
Chrome Quarter Turn Locks Maintain a tight waterproof seal around the enclosure door. Other lock options are available for installation in areas where abuse or theft is a concern.

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Specifications & Guarantees:

All Armagard enclosures are constructed according to European IP and International NEMA standards, ensuring protection from liquids and particulates.


IP Rating:
Product Code:
    5 year warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    We guarantee:

  • Five-year warranty of all mechanical parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Informed and helpful staff
  • High quality engineering
  • Over 14 years of industry experience

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