Outdoor Weatherproof TV Box

Show TV in Your Al Fresco Seating Area with an Outdoor Weatherproof TV Box

Looking to entertain customers in an outdoor area? A 65-inch outdoor weatherproof TV box allows you to easily enhance your venue using a large format LCD screen to engage patrons with live entertainment. Simply install the VESA screen and mount the box to the wall, and you'll be ready to display digital entertainment outside, whether on your business premises or for personal use.

Outdoor weatherproof TV box

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    Outdoor Weatherproof TV Box, Ideal for:

  • Patios and Terraces
  • Event Spaces
  • Outdoor Dining Public Information
  • Education Campuses

At A Glance: (Specification for 65")

Size (HxWxD)mm:
1080 x 1635 x 190
Powder Coated Mild Steel
Screen Size:
Wall or Stand
IP Rating:
Product Code:

Outdoor Weatherproof TV Boxes for a Pub Garden

Watching sport, live music and films outside just couldn't be any easier. Our outdoor weatherproof TV boxes have got everything covered. Not only will they ensure your LCD screen is completely safe and secure, they'll also protect it from all extremes of weather, spillages, dust, and all types of physical impact.

Features And Benefits

Features Benefits
Completely Waterproof Keep large format screens safe from all types of weather using our TV boxes. Your screen will be protected from hail, high winds and snow, as well as both hot and cold temperatures.
No Risk of Accidental Damage Wherever the location, our hardwearing mild-steel TV enclosures will remove the risk of impact damage to your screen. With a toughened glass or polycarbonate window, the enclosed display stays safe from impacts and vandalism.
Secure Two Lock System Our cabinets use a specialist two-key system to give you total peace of mind. This is ideal for security conscious businesses who want to be sure their screens are protected from theft, tampering or vandalism.
Happy Customers What could be better than being able to stream sport, comedy or other digital entertainment in your venue's outside space? An outdoor TV enclosure allows you to effortlessly entertain your customers all season long.
Cost-Effective We know cost is an important consideration for businesses. Investing in a weatherproof TV box to use with a standard large format screen is a much more cost-effective way to be able to offer outdoor digital entertainment than opting for a dedicated outdoor large-format display.

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If you're ready to invest in an outdoor weatherproof TV box for your business or your garden, look no further. We have thirty years of experience in providing the highest quality LCD enclosures to customers all around the world. Armagard customers know they can rely on our industry-leading customer support and five-year warranty.

Armagard Outdoor TV enclosure range

Max Screen Size: Height (mm): Width (mm): Depth*(mm): Product Code:
19″ 500 545 254 PDS-19-W-L
24″ 523 721 253 PDS-24-W-L
32″ 630 895 274 PDS-32-W-L
42″ 761 1127 273 PDS-42-W-L
47″ 815 1230 274 PDS-47-W-L
49″ 815 1230 274 PDS-49-W-L
52″ 936 1351 273 PDS-52-W-L
55″ 940 1410 235 PDS-V18-55-W-L
60″ 1050 1530 247 PDS-60-W-L
65″ 1080 1635 190 PDS-V18-65-W-L
70″ 1227 1865 246 PDS-70-W-L
72″ 1227 1865 246 PDS-72-W-L
75″ 1215 1865 235 PDS-V18-75-W-L
85″ 1314 2130 226 PDS-V11-85-W-L

*Depth - Enclosure depth includes plenum chambers.

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    5 year warranty, TNT delivery, DSV delivery, CE, and RoHS logos

    Armagard guarantees:

  • Five Year Warranty Across All Enclosure Specific Mechanical and Electrical Components
  • Informed and Helpful Support Staff
  • High-Quality Engineering
  • 30 Years of International Industry Experience
  • Excellent, Ongoing Customer Service
  • Lifetime Technical Support

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