Introducing Armagard's Outdoor Train Station Digital Signage

Stretched outdoor train station digital signage departure board
Use outdoor train station digital signage in all seasons (A ski resort in Canada).

Engage travellers with updates and promotions in any weather with outdoor train station digital signage.

You improve customer service by showing real-time travel info. Plus, you can generate revenue with digital advertising in any season.

Armagard has supplied weatherproof train station displays to transit hubs throughout Europe and North America. You get a reliable display network that you can install in harsh locations and public environments.

Here's a rundown of the range, to help you choose the right train station digital signage for you.

Portrait And Landscape Train Station Digital Signage

Armagard touch screen ticket kiosk at Birmingham New Street Station
Improve the customer experience with touch screen ticket kiosks (Birmingham New Street, UK).

Portrait train station displays are ideal for touch screen kiosks, live departure boards, digital advertising and more.

Armagard's portrait digital departure display houses the 43” to 55” screen of your choice. The mild-steel enclosure protects against physical damage and vandalism. You can choose from IP54, 56 and 65 ratings — for an indoor, semi-outdoor or fully outdoor screen.

You get a digital display you can trust. Install the unit with peace of mind on any concourse or platform, knowing it will work reliably in the face of bad weather, thrown objects and spilt commuter coffees.

Armagard outdoor train station digital signage totem for Network Rail
Outdoor train station digital signage totem for Network Rail (Staveley, UK).

The landscape passenger information display can be found in underground stations, waiting areas and on platforms around the world.

Like the portrait enclosure, it has a robust, IP-rated body that gives you confidence about the reliability of your screen.

Flexible installation options let you hang it from a ceiling or mount it on a pole or column — ideal for arrival/departure boards in busy areas.

Armagard's portrait and landscape train station displays have advanced environmental controls. You can run the range-topping enclosure from -30°C to 55°C, for continuous advertising and improved customer service in all seasons.

Freestanding Weatherproof Train Station Displays

Landscape enclosure for outdoor train station digital signage
Easily install outdoor train station digital signage on a wall, pole or from a ceiling.

Install digital signage in any location with a freestanding outdoor digital totem for public transport.

ScotRail uses several 49” totems to serve passengers at remote, unstaffed stations in the Scottish Highlands.

Advanced environmental protection keeps the totems working reliably throughout the Scottish winter and without frequent maintenance:

  • An IP56/65 rating keeps out dust, dirt and heavy rain.
  • Internal heating and air con allow use from -30°C to 55°C, depending on model.
  • Air Curtain™ technology keeps the screen free from condensation and reduces black spots caused by overheating.

You get a reliable outdoor display that you can run safely in all conditions — with confidence in the longevity of your investment.

Bar-Type Outdoor Train Station Digital Signage

DynaScan DS371BT4 outdoor train station digital signage from Armagard
Bar-type outdoor train station digital signage is ideal for overhead installation (A ski resort in Canada).

Stretched/bar-type enclosures are ideal for installing above the heads of commuters at stations and onboard carriages.

The outdoor bar-type display enclosure has a 3,000 NITS screen that stays clear and readable in bright conditions.

The enclosure protects the screen down to -20°C, which is why it's used by Canadian ski resorts to serve visitors with live travel information.

To improve communication onboard your trains, use the passenger information display. This enclosure is compatible with most wide-format, 19” screens. It mounts on the inside of a carriage, giving you an easy way of keeping travellers up to date mid-journey.

Why Trust Armagard?

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. You get the reassurances you want when investing in hardware for your business:

  • Expert advice on choosing the best train station digital signage for you.
  • Over 30 years of industry experience.
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • A five-year mechanical warranty and up to five-year electrical warranty.

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